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A tucumano seeks support to travel to the world bodybuilding

It is a constant emphasis on the sacrifice of amateur athletes in their struggles to reach the top. The main obstacle that usually arises is the economic one, as is the case of Clemente Antelo Bravo , who at the age of 28 earned the right to participate in the South American Championship and the World Bodybuilding Championship , to be held in Brazil. and the United States , respectively.

“I prepared 10 months for the Argentinean of" NABBA WFF " , in Salta, which was in August of last year and where I was runner-up in bodybuilding and champion in Men's Physique . There I earned the right to participate in the South American that took place in Bolivia. That tournament also won and helped me to qualify for the World Cup in California and the South American Championship in Curitiba , "says Clemente to  eltucumano.com on qualification for the maximum competition. Antelo Bravo's

lifein this sport had ups and downs in its beginnings: “I studied physical education at UNT And I couldn't finish it because I was a dad when I was 20 years old and I dedicated myself to work. At 16 I started going to a gym and I really liked weight training. Unfortunately, bad influences encouraged me to consume anabolics ( stanozolol and dianabol ). Luckily I quit after a short time, but it brought me health problems. At 18 natural start but without knowing about nutrition, where 70% of the final result is by diet. Thanks to Conrado Gilabert , my nutritionist , I was on my way and discovered that you can naturally go far even if you compete against athletes who use steroidsand hormones. I clarify that I am not against them, it is allowed in sports, ”said the personal trainer .

After leaving the competition for a while and returning, Clemente met someone who ended up being fundamental in his career: “I met my nutritionist , Conrado . He advised me and said he had potential. And that's where it all started, "he revealed. “ Bodybuilding is a sacrifice sport, with very slow results, where pain is a way to demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of the exercise performed and marks the benefit that we will obtain from our effort. It is a permanent fight of each day, of each minute and each repetition, against the natural tendency of the body to stop against the trap of our mind that encourages us not to continue fighting against increasing weights ”, added the personal trainer .

Now, with the oiled work and the qualifications for the  oxymetholone achat;South American and World Cup accomplished, the goal is to go and compete: “My priority is my daughter, and I don't have money to pay for my trips. I have six sponsors who help me with services ( Gold Gym, Wilson's Barber Shop , ZAC Suplementos, Q 'lo Paleó,
Amonet Solarium and Permifit ), which I am totally grateful for their support from the beginning. I am waiting for a response from the Municipality of Yerba Buena , which at the time was going to help me to go to Bolivia, but they did not do it because the councilor ended up doing itMaximiliano García ”, he said. But that is not the only thing that Clemente Antelo Bravo has in mind, “in three weeks I compete at the Argentino in Buenos Aires to retain the title. Also in October I have a tournament in Mexico and in November in Ecuador , but unfortunately they would not be my priority, ”he said.


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